Changing the Public’s Perception of Chiropractic-What Should You Be Doing?

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Here is some great news that is going to change the public’s perception of chiropractic now and in the future.

ChiroSecure and our partners have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars researching the stroke and chiropractic issue.

No other malpractice company we know of has ever made this kind of commitment to chiropractic. In fact, we even went as
far as to hire one of the top research attorneys in the country to investigate the real connection between the chiropractic
adjustment and arterial dissection and here is what he concluded:

There is no sound scientific evidence, no epidemiologic study, no biomechanical study, that proves a causative link between
chiropractic manipulative therapy and vertebral artery dissection.

This is great news for you and great news for Chiropractic.

So now the big questions.

What do we do with the news? What do you do with the news?

What should you do with the news?

For ChiroSecure, what we are doing is dedicating ourselves to making sure that if a patient alleges that a chiropractic adjustment has caused an arterial dissection, the most aggressive defense
available based on research will be asserted.

That is what you want and expect from your malpractice carrier, right?

However, all of us need to play a role in this movement to change the public’s perception of chiropractic and what you do.

Here’s the challenge.

What do you do now that the proof exists that the chiropractic adjustment does not cause arterial dissection?

In order to make that very clear, in order to make sure we are all on the same page, we have brought together Dr. Gerry Clum, Dr. Ken Murkowski, Bill Esteb and the attorney who did the research, John
Salvucci to discuss exactly where we go from here.

Join us Tuesday, May 24th, 2:00 PM EST for Changing the Public’s Perception of Chiropractic-What Should You Be Doing?

Are you ready to join the movement? You have no choice. We want chiropractic and you to get the respect you deserve and on this ChiroSecure Live Event we will help you get there.

So mark your calendars for the following:

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All chiropractors, associates and staff

WHEN: Tuesday, May 24th, 2016, 2:00 PM EST


LENGTH: 30 minutes



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No-fault insurance: Florida studies killing it in report due Sept. 2

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EGB_FlyerState officials are putting in motion a $125,000 study on the possibility
of dropping the state’s no-fault Personal Injury Protection car insurance system.

Officials plan to choose a vendor to work on the report by June, with a draft due Aug. 26 and a final report due Sept. 2, records from the Department of Financial Services show.

As The Palm Beach Post reported in March, 2012 legislation was supposed to eliminate up to $1 billion in fraud and cut no-fault car insurance bills, but records requested by the newspaper show whopping premium hikes up to 40 percent by Florida’s top insurers since the start of 2015.

Among the biggest bill raisers: Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co. has increased PIP premiums 39.8 percent and overall bills 30.7 percent, while for Geico General Insurance Co. and Geico Indemnity Co., the jump has been 22.8 percent for PIP and 18.1 percent overall.

“Consumers are getting robbed,” said driver Michael Dorsett of Lake Worth.

The state-required $10,000 in PIP coverage, begun in the 1970s, was designed to cover minor injuries regardless of who is at fault in an accident while avoiding lawsuits. But PIP produces mountains of its own lawsuits, and as many drivers see it, the fraud-prone system effectively makes them pay twice for medical coverage they already have from Medicare, employer plans or other health insurance.

Florida is one of a handful of states with a no-fault system and drivers pay the fourth highest car insurance bills in the nation.

Among the report’s objectives: Study “the potential impact to Floridians if the personal injury protection coverage requirements were repealed and replaced with varying levels of bodily injury coverage, or if the current requirements to purchase auto insurance were completely repealed.”

The findings could help legislators as they explore dumping PIP. One option is requiring bodily-injury liability insurance, which most states do. More than 90 percent of Florida drivers already have that coverage.

State Rep. Bill Hager, R-Delray Beach said, “I plan to reintroduce my legislation repealing PIP in 2017.”

Given “the cycle of change of this magnitude, it may take a year or two to get through,” Hager said.

Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, also sponsored legislation to repeal PIP by 2019 that made little headway this winter, but he said the conversation has begun and needs to continue over the summer. As he has put it, “The system is broken and rife with fraud and abuse. There is no amount of tweaking that will fix PIP. Florida can do better.”